Get ready to celebrate Arab heritage and culture like never before right here in Calgary! We’re excited to announce our first annual Arab Heritage Night, where we’ll be showcasing some amazing Arab artists!  Join us on May 20th from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM at cSPACE for an evening of music, dance, and art. We’ve got an amazing lineup of performers, including talented musicians and dancers who will keep you entertained all evening. Not only will you get to enjoy the amazing talent of these artists, but you’ll also have the chance to get your very own Henna tattoo with your name in Arabic calligraphy! How cool is that?!  You’ll also be able to connect with other members of the community and celebrate the diversity and richness of Arab culture together. And to make the experience even better, we’ll be providing tea, coffee, and delicious baklava for everyone to enjoy! This is a free event and we would love for you to join us, so grab your friends and family and join us for an unforgettable evening of fun and culture. In light of recent events, we’ll also be collecting donations for Syria and Turkey earthquake relief. Let’s show our support for these incredible artists and celebrate the rich diversity of Arab heritage together! 
  • Aya Mhana & Niño de la Cabilia on stage

    Aya Mhana & Niño de la Cabilia

    Aya Mhana is a Syrian-born singer, songwriter, and self-taught oud player. Inspired by her volunteer work with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Aya used her music to explore the human capacity for hope during wartime and performed her compositions in her home city. In Canada, she translates the rich culture of her homeland for audiences who often know little of Syria, but are eager to embrace her soulful melodies. She hopes that her music helps shape Canada’s vision for a peaceful and vibrant cultural mosaic. Niño de la Cabilia is an Algerian born musician and creative artist. Niño moved to Canada in 2019 after traveling the world from South America to Western Asia. Influenced by his North African and Berber heritage, Niño creatively merges traditional Latin, Mediterranean and Arabic musical styles either solo or with others. He plays a variety of string instruments such as guitar, banjo, and his personal signature Mandole, a traditional Algerian instrument.
  • Egyptian Folk Dance | Radwa

    Egyptian Folk Dance Calgary
    Radwa Nasr is the artistic director of “Egyptian Folk Dance Academy” in Calgary, Canada’s premier source of Egyptian Folklore. She is a native Egyptian dancer, who grew up in rich cultural and historical environment of metropolitan Cairo. Radwa was trained and mentored by Master teachers (Reda Troupe), a famous dance troupe in Egypt. Radwa established “Egyptian Folk Dance Academy” in 2019 to introduce the authentic Egyptian folk dances to the Canadian community.
  • Debketna Group Members

    Dabketna YYC

    Dabketnayyc is the first female led dabke group. We pride ourselves in spreading happiness and joy through our dance. Our goal is to keep this dance that unites us alive and spread it around the world to show how proud we are of our culture. Dabke is a Levantine Arab folk dance, popular in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Dabke combines circle dance and line dancing and is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions.
    • 404 Dance Error

      404 Dance Error, Arab Dance Calgary
      Zaria Rajha Dancer, Choreographer, and Researcher of the Body Hailing from Damascus, Syria, Zaria grew up learning Hip-Hop, jazz, and contemporary. Later, Zaria became a graduate of The Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria where she held her bachelor’s degree in dance movement. Zaria is deeply drawn to absurd theatre studies and to her research about human existence. In 2018, She worked as a professional performer with Leish physical theatre troupe Damascus, Syria and choreographed many dance productions based on the idea of contradiction by combining two opposites movement, themes, methods together.During her career journey Zaria trained in multiple theatre, mime and dance techniques. Mario Obeid Movement Artist and Choreographer Having discovered dance through bboying and breakdance, Mario played a significant role in the establishment and strengthening of both urban and rural hip hop dance communities in Syria before receiving training in contemporary, classical ballet and jazz at the Damascus Institute of Higher Arts. Mario is interested in how the dance expresses the body’s yearning for both freedom and connection through the scales of our deepest relationships and the communities through which we find belonging. In 2023 together, Zaria and Mario co-founded the Error 404 Dance collective
    • Dj Sabrology

      With a passion for music that runs deep through his upbringing in Egypt, Sabrology has quickly established himself as a go-to DJ for events and parties of all kinds. As a DJ, Sabrology prides himself on his ability to read a crowd and curate a playlist that perfectly captures the vibe of the moment. Whether it’s getting people hyped up for a night of dancing or providing the perfect background soundtrack for an event, he knows how to deliver a memorable experience. But for Sabrology, DJing is more than just playing music – it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for every person in the room. Whether it’s through clever mashups, unexpected drops, or perfectly-timed transitions, Sabrology knows how to keep the energy high and the crowd engaged. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to his craft, Sabrology is always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create a sonic experience that his audience will never forget.
    • Aaliyaa Basheer

      We are delighted to introduce the talented henna artist, Alaliyaa Basheer, who will amaze you with their skill in Arabic calligraphy. Aaliya will create beautiful henna tattoos and even write your name in stunning Arabic script. Aaliya worked on North Indian style, modern and intricate henna designs back in her home country. The styles in Arabic designs inspired her when she moved to Saudi Arabia. Since then, she started to do Arab designs on henna with flowers , leaves and vines. She also worked on Arabic calligraphy names and some portraits with henna. Aaliya is so happy to be a part of the event representing Arabic art, even though she is not Arab.
      Independent Screenings

      2022 → Bilal

      2019 → Capernaum

      2017 → Sheikh Jackson

      Stand Up Comedy

      2016 → Stand-Up Comedy in cooperation with the YukYuks

      Speaker Series

      2018 → Dr. Ghada Al-Atrash at the Military Museum

      Post-Secondary Screening

      2016 → The Prophet at MRU

      Giving Voice, Enabling Discussion
      Arab Jewish Experience
      • Jews of Egypt
      • Tinghir – Jerusalem, Echoes from the Mellah
      Arab LGBTQ+ Experience
      Etkallemo (Speak Up)
      • CAACS co-presented and sponsored a night of poetry, entitled Etkallemo (Speak UP) with local Arabic radio show, Calgary Arabia and Founder Noha Mohamed.
      • In celebration of Arab Heritage Month in Canada, CAACS supported Calgary Arabia and Founder Noha Mohamed in hosting a third edition of Etkallemo (Speak Up) that featured a special guest, Egyptian-Canadian Omar El Akkad, 2021 Giller Prize Winner.

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