Colin Curwen

President & Executive Producer, New Machine Studios Inc.

Colin has been producing commercial animation and independent productions in Calgary for the past 12 years, and has helped to pioneer the Animation production industry in Alberta.

A life-long fan of classical and CGI animation, Colin received his CGI character animation certificate in Maya at Mesmer Studios in Seattle, WA, in 2000 before completing his classical animation training at Applied Multimedia in Calgary, in 2001.

Following a yearlong stint at startup AurenyA studios in Calgary, where Colin was a producer on commercial projects for WestJet, Science Alberta, Stories of the Seventh Fire, shorts for Bruce Willis’ production company Cheyenne LLC, and the award-winning Animated Christmas Special, The Elfkins’ First Christmas, he founded New Machine Studios in the historic Barron building in downtown Calgary.

With a co-production partner in BC, he co-financed New Machine’s first original production, How Raven Stole the Sun, a half-hour CGI animated short film about the popular Aboriginal creation story. The show has won more than 40 awards at film festivals and competitions around the world and has been the centerpiece of numerous special exhibitions at museums and Schools worldwide.

In 2005, Colin co-created and produced the 26-episode animated series, Raven Tales, which airs on ACCESS Television and APTN in Canada, and the Smithsonian Channel HD in the US. DVD's of all 26 episodes are available for purchase via the show’s website,

Colin is also the producer, writer and director of New Machine's first feature animated film, 'The Wizard’s Christmas' (2012), and the latest, 'Young George and the Dragon’ which will be released in Dec 2017.


Founded in 2003, New Machine Studios is an independent animation production studio based in Calgary, AB Canada, with operations in Vancouver, BC. To date, the studio has produced twenty-six half hours of television and four feature films, including the 'Raven Tales’ television series (2005-2010), 'The Wizard’s Christmas’ (2012), 'Raven Tales: The Movie’ (2014), ‘Return of the Snow King’ (2015), 'Tales of the First People, Vol 1: Spirit Tales’ (2016). In 2013, the studio participated in the production of ‘Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet’ (2014), directed by Roger Allers and produced by Salma Hayek. In development projects include ‘Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and his Traveling Circus’ based upon the book by Clive Barker and ‘Young George and the Dragon’, an original production.


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