CAFN 2017

Things Arab Men Say

Thursday May 11th – 7:10 PM

Canada, 52 minutes

Rated: PG
Genre: Documentary
Special guest: Nisreen Baker

This National Film Board documentary introduces viewers to Jay, Ghassan and their friends from Jamal’s Eden Barber shop. While receiving their weekly shave or latest hair cut, the men discuss politics, religion and more. Things Arab Men Say is directed by Edmonton’s Nisreen Baker.



Grassroots in Dry Lands

Thursday May 11th – 9:15 PM

Canada, 90 minutes

Rated: PG
Genre: Documentary

This National Film Board documentary from director Helene Kiodawsky follows three social workers; Nuha, Talal and Amit from Occupied Palestine Territories, Jordan and Israel, respectively – as they work to unite and encourage their war ravaged communities.


Tickling Giants

Friday May 12th – 7:00 PM

Egypt, US, UK, 111 minutes

Rated: 14A
Genre: Documentary

Special guest: Bassem Yousef (via video feed)

This documentary is helmed by “Egypt’s Jon Stewart” Bassem Yousef, a cardiologist turned comedian, and looks into how one satirical television show helped bring together a country in turmoil.


Very Big Shot

Friday May 12th – 10:00 pm

Lebanon, 107 minutes

Rated: 14A
Genre: Drama

Jad is about to be released from jail for a crime his older brother Ziad committed five years ago, and Ziad has decided to stop his drug-dealing business and start a new chapter in life.

Ziad’s best-laid plans are hindered by an unexpected turn of events that leads to his involvement in a large-scale smuggling operation to transport the amphetamine Captagon across the border. Further complicating things, when Jad is set free, he wants to join Ziad for one last run before getting out of the drug trade for good, while Joe, the pair’s third brother, strongly disapproves of the whole idea.

Eventually, Ziad makes a life-changing discovery that will lead the three brothers on a new journey altogether.


The Last Day of the City

Saturday May 13th – 7:10 PM

Egypt, 118 minutes

Rated: 14A
Genre: Drama

Downtown Cairo, 2009, Khalid, a 35-year-old filmmaker is struggling to make a film that captures the soul of his city while facing loss in his own life. With the help of three friends, he finds the strength to keep going through the danger and beauty of living In the Last Days of the City.


Ali the Goat and Ibrahim

Saturday May 13th – 10:00 pm

Egypt, 92 minutes

Rated: 14A
Genre: Drama

This whimsical film follows the strange friendship between Ali, who believes that his late girlfriend has been reincarnated into a goat, and Ibrahim, who is tormented by phantom sounds. Ali and Ibrahim travel across the country on the advice of a psychic to rid themselves of their curses, finding self-acceptance and friendship along the way.


Yallah! Undergound

Sunday May 14th – 7:10 PM

85 Minutes

Genre: Documentary

Yallah! Underground follows some of today’s most influential and progressive artists in Arab underground culture from 2009-2013 and documents their work, their dreams and their fears in a time of great change for Arab societies.


Barakah Meets Barakah

Sunday May 14th – 9:40 pm
Written and directed by Mahmoud Sabbagh, Barakah Meets Barakah is a Saudi Arabian love story following the trials and tribulations of the middle class guy, and the wealthy girl. The film’s music was composed by Arab Film Nights festival guest, Zeid Hamdan.
Calgary Arab Film Nights 2022


  • Things Arab Men Say

  • Grassroots in Dry Lands

  • Tickling Giants

  • Very Big Shot

  • The Last Day of the City

  • Ali the Goat and Ibrahim

  • Yallah! Undergound

  • Barakah Meets Barakah


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