Date: 06 June 2014
Doors Open: - Showtime: 9:15 PM
Sub-genre: Comedy
Actors: Ahmed Helmy, Hani Adel, Kinda Allouch
Country: Egypt Language: Arabic Subtitles:

La Moakhza talks about class difference, the horrors of the national education system and religious intolerance. Salama's film is ambitious in the scope of issues it touches upon, but it manages to stay afloat and never get too bogged down in any single one. This is not the story of class difference or religious intolerance, but the story of Hany Abdullah. Salama reminds us that we see those issues solely because they are relevant to the protagonist's journey to inclusion and acceptance.

This is where the film's greatest strength is; you can rarely criticise the way it discusses sensitive topics because the plot is concerned with the story of Hany and how he deals with his new school more than it is with the situation of Copts in Egypt or gated communities and class differences. This makes for a heart-warming and intricate character journey that is filled with social commentary, rather than the other way around: a naive story told for social commentary.

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