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Calgary Arab Nights Film Festival celebrates 10 years

CAACS has been organizing its Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival since 2013. This year, the festival will take place at the Globe Cinema.

“This year, the festival is going to be quite unique especially for the artists themselves,” said a CAACS board member, Bassem Hafez.

“This has been a year of exciting growth that included collaboration with local, regional and international film festivals.”

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The Okotoks Film Festival | Calling all Egyptian short filmmakers!

The Okotoks Film Festival (OFF) in partnership with The Calgary Arab Arts & Culture Society are calling all Egyptian Short Filmmakers to submit their films for the 7th Okotoks Film Festival. 

Each year,  OFF creates a short films package from a specific country.  This year the selected country is EGYPT.

2022 – A unique year for Arab Artists

The Arab community living in Calgary, despite being among those with the highest education, has not enjoyed a coherent front that aims for a better representation. The Calgary Arab Arts & Culture Society (CAACS) has been trying to do its part. Bringing films that manifest the diverse background and character of the “Arab”, has been one of the main objectives of the different artistic products of the Society.

An example of the challenges of the how the Arab is represented has been making the distinction between the Arab and the Muslim. Another example is the fact that not all Arabs are Muslims.

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